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Amateur Radio Newsline™ is a free service to the amateur radio community.  We produce a weekly audio news bulletin called a “QST” or “bulletin of interest to radio amateurs” that is delivered by a downloadable MP3 audio file from our website and over an automated dial-in telephone line.

Founded in 1914, the American Radio Relay League is the national association for amateur radio in the USA. Today, with more than 160,000 members, the ARRL is the largest organization of radio amateurs in the world. The ARRL's mission is based on five core areas or "pillars": Public Service, Advocacy, Education, Technology, and Membership.

This site is made possible by donations from hams around the Commonwealth of Kentucky and by Pat Spencer, KD4PWL, whose web site has been the state’s clearinghouse for Amateur Radio information in Kentucky. We are pleased to be able to add Kentucky Section News to the fantastic body of up to date information that makes up and appreciate everyone making use of it and sending us news and events from your areas of the state.

DZKit Is Bringing Back The Tradition And Fun Of Building Complex Kits

Over the years, one by one, all the great electronic kit manufacturers have disappeared - Eico, Knight, Dynaco, Heath. Perhaps the most devastating for the home electronics enthusiast was the loss of Heathkit®, a mainstay from 1947 to the mid-1980's.  Heathkit advertised "World's finest electronic equipment in kit form". ....

You can still have fun building an electronic project, learn how it works, and have the pride that comes with knowing you built it yourself.

Brian Wood, W0DZ, a design and application engineer at HP/Agilent, wanted to restore the fun of kitbuilding to a new generation. He knew that there's a huge pent-up demand for new, complex, nice-looking kits that offer value not available elsewhere. To that end, he retired early (by choice, a strange occurrence with all the layoffs in the industry) and formed The DZ Co., LLC, dba "DZKit".  Its goal is to allow electronics enthusiasts and others with a passion for learning to have a chance to recapture the fun of doing it yourself while building products with unique features.

License Search

If you are looking for your first license or have upgraded, the ULS License Search enables you to search for a wide range of licenses in the Universal Licensing System. The License Search provides access to the most basic attributes of a license.

Renewing Your License

If you need to renew your license or make an address change, this KY4ARC page will help!

Click this FCC logo to go to the KY4ARC License Renewing Instructions page on here.


Bob Heil - K9EID, with various co-hosts and guests, will cover the excitement and importance of ham radio - from tossing an antenna wire in a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters.

Records live every Wednesday at 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET.Z.

We are an amateur radio license preparation and education service dedicated to helping you develop the knowledge and skills you need to pass your exam and get on the air quickly, with competence and confidence.

The integrated learning system combines the best of proven traditional methods with new media to provide a learning experience like no other in amateur radio today! With our fully coordinated book, web media, and mobile device apps, you will really understand ham radio. You will really get it! And when you really understand instead of just memorizing mind-numbing exam questions and answers, the license exam becomes incredibly easy. More importantly, you’ll truly have the knowledge and skills to get on the air after you ace your license exam. Check out this brief video of some of our recent students

The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) is a regularly updated, editorial compilation of C.F.R. material and Federal Register amendments produced by the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Printing Office.

For the most updated Part 97 content, please visit: 

A PDF of Part 97 is available here.

A copy of Part 97 maintained by the ARRL can be found here.

QRZ is a great place for call sign search. But, there's much much more! There are full question pools for all three classes of licenses, with sample tests or just particular sections to be studied, including an online logbook!!!

For a greater explanation, that is too large to be printed here, go to

is the largest Amateur Radio Repeater Coordinating organization in the United States. Whether you are looking for specific information or just surfing the web, we encourage you to browse through the information presented here. We hope that in some way this web site will be beneficial to you.

We have the most up-to-date amateur radio repeater listings (updated by you, our admins, and repeater coordinators). This site is different than others becauase we use local admins that collect repeater data. No repeater directory can be 100% up-to-date, but we believe this one is more up-to-date and comprehensive than any other you can find. Visitors are invited to update and add listings. You can also rate and comment on the repeaters.

This site utilizes the 144.390 Megacycle ARPS data gathering to create an image that is zoomable to see how the VHF band is performing!

A very good tool for those whom loving the two meter SSB and FM DXing!

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Big Sandy Amateur Radio Club Meetings are the last Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at Hardees. Tom Lykins K4LID is the contact person (606) 638-4735.

Big Sandy Amateur Radio Club meets at:  Hardees Louisa, Kentucky  41230

The Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society (BARS) is an educational organization in Lexington, KY. Meetings are on the first Monday of each month, 7:30pm, at the Red Cross Center. 1450 Newtown Pike, Lexington, Kentucky 40511


The Kentucky Mountains Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated club.

Note tat the URL has changed to!!

The club repeater, KY4MT, is located in Hazard, KY.

The club operates one repeater on 2m 146.670 Mhz (-) tone 103.5.  On this repeater, the club hosts the Southeast KY Emergency Net every Sunday at 8:45pm EST

The club also hosts monthly meetings at the Perry County Library in Hazard, KY.  Please check the Home or Calendar page for exact dates and times.  Meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in amateur radio is invited to attend.


The  Ky Phone net meets every morning, Monday through Friday at 8:30am Eastern time on the frequency of 3810kc.

And every evening Monday through Friday at 7:00pm Eastern time on the frequency of 3816kc.

These nets meet for the purpose of comradery and fellowship among amateur radio operators.

All amateurs licensed to operate on these frequencies are invited to check in these nets.  You don't have to be a resident of Kentucky to participate.

Hatfield and McCoy Amateur Radio Association (WV8KY)

Established on December 12, 2002, the Hatfield and McCoy Amateur Radio Association is a friendly Association located in and around Western West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. We are a group of Hams with common goals and interests. Meeting people is just one of the greatest benefits and pleasures in the hobby of Amateur Radio.
River Cities Amateur Radio Association

Located in Ashland, KY, and serving the Tri-State area of Ashland,KY, Portsmouth,OH and Huntington,WV, the River Cities Amateur Radio Association (RCARA) was founded in 1979.

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