In an effort to get our clubís name and purpose out to the public, KYARC decided to set up a table at the annual Airport Days at Big Sandy Regional Airport.† This is an event that the airport uses to show the public the airport and facilities.† There are quite a few planes and helicopters that show up.† They park around the tarmac, so that people can look inside.† There are people seeling food and refreshments and a few hats and t-shirts. And of course, they sell tickets to take a ride in an airplane.† They also have a car show for the more down to earth types.† All in all, its a very nice time for everyone attending.

†When approached with our request to setup operations , FBO Manager, Gary Cox, was glad to have us there.† So, on Saturday, August 17, at 11:00 am, we began arriving. It took us a few minutes to set up a table, a tent, some radios and an antenna.† We were then in business.† Since we didnít have room for hf antennas, we only operated on 2 meters and 440 mhz.† Frank made several contacts all around the country on his DMR radio and also on our 2 meter repeater.† Mainly, we wanted people walking by to hear that we could easily make contacts from all over.† Austin Denyer had printed some of our trifold brouchures so anyone interested could pick one up and Ken Robinson brought some of our Hamfest Notices to give out.† We had quite a few of our members put in an appearance that day.† We also had some people that seemed interested in getting an Amateur Radio license.† And we found some hams that didnít know about us that were interested in coming to our meetings.† Hopefully, we will get a few new hams and a few new members out of our efforts.

All in all, we had a pretty good day and accomplished getting our name out there to some people that didnít know we existed.† The day was clear and pretty warm, but we had some shade from the tent we put up.† We had a good time and got to see some interesting aircraft, so we can count the outing as a success.† Hopefully, we will do the same thing next year.