The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award for the first quarter of 2018 is Gary Mullins, KI4EGC. Gary has been a ham since the late nineteen eighties. He holds an Extra Class license and is one of the club’s VEC’s.  Gary has been very active in the Paintsville Amateur Radio Community Services club and is always ready to help in any way he can.  He was the club president for a number of years, but declined the opportunity a few years ago, due to his work, since he had to travel and be out of the area for long periods of time.  I’m sure all of us that were members during his term in office would agree that he did an excellent and effective job.  Gary says that he had been interested in ham radio for a long time before he actually got his license, but his family came first and he had to wait to obtain it. 

Gary likes to work both vhf and hf bands.  He is fond of working the 3905 Century Club net and likes to ragchew in general.  He also likes to ragchew in person, too.  Any time you see him at a club function, he always seems to be talking to someone or going to look for someone that he knows is around, that he wants to talk to.  At our annual Field Day outing at Paintsville Lake, he spends a lot of time up in the campground talking to people that he knows. He makes a good ‘goodwill ambassador’ for the club.  Unlike many of us hams, he can talk about things other than ham radio.  He tells some very interesting and informative stories about the gas well drilling business and places that he has worked.

As far as his radio shack, he tells me that his only shack for the present is in his truck.  He has vhf gear in there and an hf radio, but his screwdriver antenna is working right now, because it won’t screw.  I told him there must be a frequency somewhere where that antenna will be resonant, but he seemed unwilling to try to find the frequency.  Gary told me that he was working on a multiband dipole for 160 through 10 meters.  This being a fan dipole style antenna with every other band’s legs going perpendicular to the next one.  He said he had it built, but trying to get each band tuned in to the lowest SWR was a big job.  This must be a monster of an antenna and I would certainly like to see it when it is operating fully.  Unfortunately, he hit a snag with it when he was backing a truck loaded with a fourwheeler under the antenna. The antenna had sagged a little and is now sagging a little more and lets just say, it has a few problems to iron out.  Hopefully, he will have things going soon and we will hear him back on the hf bands.

Gary is a genuinely all round nice guy and a good community conscious ham radio opertator, that is also active in his local church. We are glad to present him with our Ham of The Quarter Award for Quarter One of 2018.