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“Amateur Radio Community Service”

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Minutes for Meeting

September 12, 2019 Thursday


One person took the Technician and General tests.  He passed both.

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Frank Wells

There were 17 attendees at this meeting.


Minutes for the July  meeting were read by Ron Grossl.

A motion was made and passed to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s report was read by Austin Denyer in which he  reported our current funds.   He also reported that we are now at 31 paid members.

Motion was made and passed to accept the treasurer’s report.


It was then decided not to participate in the September 14th VHF contest, due to some members going to the Richmond hamfest that day and due to the hot weather.

We then discussed what if anything needed to be done for the upcoming hamfest.  We reserved 3 tables for 2 hams that are coming to sell at the hamfest.  We also set up Wednesday, September 18 at 1:30pm as a time to meet at the recreation center to make sure everything we need will be available on the day of the hamfest.

Frank Wells and Thomas Stanley were appointed to look into Severe Weather Awareness to find out just what the club’s participation would involve.

I was decided to have a presentation on Echolink at our next meeting.

The final Ham of the Quarter certificate was awarded to TJ Hoover.

An announcement was made concerning the recertification of all the repeaters in our link group.  The only question was that of Salyersville and Curt Meade would be asked about that.

Frank Wells reported that the Friendship Net has had 5405 check ins thus far this year and he expects over 7000 by the end of the year.

A presentation of Ham Radio Digital Modes was given by Ron Grossl

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.


Ron Grossl  (Secretary)    N4RLG