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Minutes for Meeting


May 6, 2021 Thursday


This meeting was held in our regular meeting place at the Mayo Methodist Church. We had 13 attendees and one connecting thru the internet.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Frank Wells.


The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.

Minutes for the April meeting were read by Ron Grossl.

Treasurer’s report was read by Austin Denyer in which he  reported our current funds. There are 22 paid up members in our club at this point.

Motion was made and passed to accept both reports


We held our election of club officers.  This had been postponed since we had not been meeting in person.  The election results are as follows:

                          President – Frank Wells

                          Vice-President – Ken Robinson

                          Treasurer – Austin Denyer

                          Secretary – Ron Grossl


We also elected a new director to replace Curt Meade on our board of directors.  The new director is Fred Jones.


We then had a discussion on a place to have our hamfest.  Several options are to be looked into and a motion was made to pre-reserve the Floyd County Extension office.


Post Meeting Addendum: The day after the meeting, Frank Wells was advised by the city recreation director that the Paintsville Rec Center would be opening on June 1st.  This means we can hold our hamfest in the same place as our previous ones. 


It was decided to wait until after Field Day to schedule our Fox Hunt.

Frank Wells reported that the Friendship Net has had 2402 check in year to date.

An announcement was made about Armed Forces Day takes place on May 7th and 8th.

Also, plans were made to operate the ARRL VHF contest on June 12 – 14.  Further plans will be made at our next meeting.



Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.



Ron Grossl  (Secretary)    NT4W