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“Amateur Radio Community Service”


P O Box 75


Paintsville, KY. 41240


Minutes for Meeting


June 2, 2022 Thursday




There were 12 attendees at this meeting. 


Meeting was called to order by Rich Salisbury at 7:00.


We then had prayer and said the Pledge to Allegiance.


 The minutes were read by Ron Grossl.


The treasurer's report was read by Austin Denyer in which he reported our funds


and that we now have 30 paying members.  Increase was from membership dues.


A motion was made and passed to accept both reports.


Ken Robinson gave us a report on the status of repeaters.


A motion was made and passed to look into obtaining Tax Exempt status for the


club and a committee was formed for the purpose.  This was John Hager, Bill


 Hamm and Austin Denyer.


A motion was made and passed to form a repeater committee. This was Ken


Robinson, Ross Leedy, TJ Hoover and Paul Combs.


We need to get our application for license renewal into the FCC.  TJ Hoover


needs to sign.  Our current license expires August 21,2022.


Rich Salisbury showed us a video for the introduction to ham radio.  The


purpose of the video was to let us know it was available to show to any group


that we may think is recruitable.  For instance when they gave a talk at


Pikeville Public library.


Rich also announced that the KY QSO party would be June 4th and an ARRL VHF


contest would be June 11-13.



We then discussed Field Day preparations to decide who would bring certain


items to the event.


Meeting was then adjourned  at 8:30