KY4ARC meets monthly on the First Thursday of the month at the Mayo Methodist Church (325 Third Street), Paintsville, Kentucky at 7:00p.m. (2300z).  VE testing starts at 6:00pm (2200z) by previous appointment. Come early if want to fellowship with others. For those who use\ GPS, the co-ordinance is 37° 48' 58.61"N by 82° 48' 26.25"W.


 Anyone interested in Ham radio is welcome to attend any meeting.

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“Amateur Radio Community Service”

P O Box 75

Paintsville, KY. 41240

Minutes for Meeting

June 7, 2018 Thursday


1 person took the General class license and passed

Meeting was called to order at 7:12 by Vice President, Ken Robinson.

There were fifteen attendees at this meeting.


Minutes for the May meeting were read by Ron Grossl.

Treasurer’s report was read by Austin Denyer in which he  reported our current funds were $854.79.

Also, he reported that we have 27 paid members at this time.

Motion was made and passed to accept both reports.


Old Business

The Bylaws were turned over to the Board of Directors for approval and any changes to be made.


New Business

A discussion of Field Day preparations was held.  The campsite and picnic shelter at Paintsville Lake are reserved and will be ready for us on Saturday, June 23rd.  People setting up the equipment should meet there at 10:00 am.

We have several people bringing radios, antennas and other setup equipment.

As far as food goes, the following people volunteered to bring the items listed.


Ron Grossl – Hotdog and hamburger buns; hamburger patties

TJ Hoover – Hamburgers and hotdogs

Ross Leedy – Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Dr. Pepper

John Hager – Mountain Dew

Austin Denyer – Tomatoes and Onions

Ken Robinson – Paper plates, knives, forks and spoons, and hamburger patties

Frank Wells – chips

Any other needed food or snacks will be welcomed by anyone showing up


.We had a brief discussion of ideas for future demonstrations at our meetings. Fred Jones volunteered to have a show and tell of his CW keys and equipment at our July meeting.


A motion was made and passed to appoint Fred Jones as our Public Information Officer.


Motion to adjourn was made and passed at 8:06


Ron Grossl  (Secretary)    N4RLG

Congratulations to Janie Wells who passed the General test at the June meeting.

She got 34 out of 35 questions correct. We welcome her to this level of Amateur Radio and to the club.