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“Amateur Radio Community Service”

P O Box 75

Paintsville, KY. 41240

Minutes for Meeting

June 3, 2021 Thursday


This meeting was held in our regular meeting place at the Mayo Methodist Church. We had 17 attendees.

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 by Frank Wells.


The meeting opened with the pledge of allegiance.

Minutes for the May meeting were read by Ron Grossl.

Treasurer’s report was read by Austin Denyer in which he  reported our current funds.  The reduced amount was due to flowers for Daniel Hensley.  There are 25 paid up members in our club at this point.

Motion was made and passed to accept both reports


Frank Wells reported that there have been around 2800 checkins to the Friendship Net year to date.

We will be holding our Field Day operations at the Oil Springs Fire Dept #2 near Paintsville Lake Dam. They will be moving the fire trucks out at 9:00 am June 26th, so we can start setting up after that time.  A motion was made and passed for the club to buy the food. The club will be buying our food, but each individual should bring their own drinks and desert.


A motion to participate in the A VHF contest on June 12th was made and passed.  We will

be operating from Sugar Camp mountain at Prestonsburg.  The location is on top of the hill, near the

radio tower, at the Sugarcamp Mountain Trailhead.


A motion was made and passed to allocate $250 for hamfest prizes.  Ken Robinson is to get our hamfest on the ARRL calendar.  Tickets will be $5 for admission and $5 for each table.  Also, any additional tickets elegible for prizes are $5.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


Ron Grossl  (Secretary)    NT4W