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“Amateur Radio Community Service”

P O Box 75

Paintsville, KY. 41240

Minutes for Meeting

August 3, 2023 Thursday




There were 19 attendees at this meeting. 

Meeting was called to order by Rich Salisbury  at 7:00.

We then had prayer and said the Pledge to Allegiance.


Minutes were read by Ron Grossl

Austin Denyer reported our current funds.  Decreased because of purchase of Yaesu FT 891.  

.  A motion was made and passed to accept both reports. 


Frank Wells reported that they have had 4758 checkins so far this year.

Paul Combs reported that the Salyersville needed some chips replaced and that they were ordered. Also, that there is a new repeater located at Martin with the frequency of 145.19 Mhz.

A motion was made to try to get a link back up to the Whitesburg repeater.

It was reported that the ARRL dues are going up $10 without the printed magazine.  Getting the printed magazine costs an additional $25.

Rich reported that the Guna and Knife Show at Hindman requested our club to be presenters.  The show is on November 3,4, and 5..

A motion was made and passed to sell the FT 891 to recoup our money.

Paul Combs gave a short presentation on a Quansheng  dual band hand held with some very good features.

It was decided to purchase a dual band mobile radio and an off-center fed dipole for the main prizes at the hamfest.


 Meeting was adjourned at 8:30.