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“Amateur Radio Community Service”


P O Box 75


Paintsville, KY. 41240


Minutes for Meeting


December 1, 2022 Thursday




There were 13 attendees at this meeting and no tests were given.


Meeting was called to order by Rich Salisbury at 7:00.


We then had prayer and said the Pledge to Allegiance.


Minutes were read by Ron Grossl.


The treasurer's report was read by Austin Denyer in which he reported


our current funds and that we now have 32 paying members. $74 was


 used to renew our PO Box.


A motion was made and passed to accept both reports.


Ken Robinson gave us an update on what needed to be done to the




Frank Wells said the there had been 5480 checkins by the end of




A motion was made and passed for the club to officially support Nathan


Lemaster in his bid for an ARRL scholarship.


Virgil Ferguson told us about the Lawrence County Road Rally for which


our club members provided communications.


Virgil also presented an excellent talk on Echolink to let us know just


 what it is capable of.


Preparations and discussion of the upcoming Skywarn Recognition Day


were made.


Finally, a very quick election of officers for next year was made.


The officers will now be:      President           Richard Salisbury


                                           Vice-President    Bill Hamm


                                                  Treasurer          Austin Denyer


                                                  Secretary          Ron Grossl


Not a big surprise



Meeting was then adjourned  at 8:35