Hamshack Pictures

Some photos of the hamshacks of our members and friends of the club.


This neat station belongs to one of our newer hams, Nathan Lemaster (K4NLS).† Nathan is a fairly new General class ham and has equipped his shack admirably in a short time.† He has a Kenwood TR-7800 for 2 meters and a QYT-980 for 2 meters and 440 mhz.† And now has the Yaesu FT-77 for HF.† Aslo a handheld sits on his desk, along with a computer to finish out the shack.

These three pictures show the evolution of a long time ham.† That being Fred Jones, WA4SWF.† The pictures go back in time as they go down the page.† The bottom picture is back when Fred was probably younger than Nathan is now and he probably had more fun with old equipment than he does with his modern stuff now.† It certainly looks like he got plenty of QSLís back then.† And he didnít even have a computer back then.

These three pictures are from our friend in Tennessee, Jeff Bible, K4MFD.† Jeff usually comes to our Field Day outing and works 6 meters for us.† He lives in an apartment building, but has made the best of the situation.† The first picture shows his very neat hamshack.† Kind of sickening just how neat and clean it is, for a slob like me.† He has a Yaesu FT dx10, and Icom 9700, Motorola XPR-8400, Yaesu FTM-400, Yaesu FTM-3100R and an Alinco DR-235.† All arranged nice and neat on his desk.† For his antennas, he uses a magmount antenna in his window and a PAR End Fedz EF 80-10-JR-KW mounted outside on a 25 foot Spider pole.† (you can see the pole in the bottom picture.† He also has a Comet GP-6 mounted in a whiskey barrel that you can see in the second picture.† All together, these pictures show a nice operation that works even though Jeff was up against some obstacles and space constraints.† Good job.




Here is a picture of the hamshack of Calvin (TAZ) Hall,† N4TAZ.† Nice and neat, but effective.† I think he likes HTís.