The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award for the fourth quarter of 2017 is Don Castle, KI4NL or as Don would say KI4 “normally lazy”. Don has been a ham since 1972 and has been active all that time.  He says he has been interested in radio all his life and built a code practice oscillator when he was in elementary school to start learning morse code.  He and his dad, Clyde Castle, got their novice license at about the same time.  He then proceeded up the ladder getting his Technician, General, Advanced and finally his Extra Class licenses.  Don is a very family oriented person and encouraged his whole family to get their tickets.  His father of course was a ham, but also his son, Ronnie, his wife, Dolores, and his grandson, Chris all got their licenses with the encouragement of Don. Don has also helped others become hams or helped them after they become hams.  If a new ham or prospective ham comes to one of our meetings, Don is one of the first to make them feel welcome and offer help to them.  He likes to “spread the word” about our hobby.  I used to work in the same manufacturing plant with Don, and he talked about ham radio to his co-workers (that knew nothing about ham radio), so much that his nickname became “twenty meters”. But I can think of at least two people in his department that became hams.

Don also has other interests that he pursues with the same vigor.  He is a veteran of the Vietnam war and is still active in Veterans functions. He likes riding motorcyles with his family and has a nice Harley three wheeler.  He is also a musician and plays the guitar and pedal steel.  You hardly ever see him riding his bike or playing music without some of his family with him.

Don’s interests in ham radio cover a wide range. He likes to ragchew on 75 meters and also work dx.  He tries to stay active on cw and works some JT-65. He is on vhf, of course and is now operating DMR through our new digital repeater.  Don has also had his station set up to work amateur satellites.  He likes old and new radio gear.  He has a complete station of Heathkit gear set up with just about everything they offered including scope and amplifier.  And he uses it too.  He recently acquired and old Collins shortwave receiver and with a little work has it operating in good condition.  But he also has some fancy new gear, like his Yaesu hf transceiver and Ameritron amp.  He has a computer connect to his radio, along with a lot of other equipment and radios.  His shack is well equipped and very neatly laid out.  Below, you will see a couple of pictures of his shack, but they really don’t show everything there.

So you can see that Don is a well rounded ham and makes a contribution to our ham community. Paintsville Amateur Radio Community Services club is happy to vote Don as Ham of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2017.

Don at Field Day 2017

This is another Field Day in which Don participated.  He looks like he may have worked to long and is about ready to fall over.

Don and his grandson Chris putting in a little woodshed time.  You probably think Don is teaching Chris, but I’m not so sure.

Another one of Don’s pass times.  Looks like it might be a long trip.

Don and John (N4KJU) doing what they do best; holding down the picnic table.

Did I mention that his call was KI4 normally lazy ?

Great picture of Don’s impressive shack.  There is another complete station over to the right that you can’t see.