Ken has been a ham since 1968 when he got a Conditional license while stationed in Korea. But that is not where Ken started his radio and electronics career. He obtained an FCC 1st Class commercial license in 1961 and worked for various radio stations for a time. At the time, he was the youngest 1st class licensee in Kentucky. He was 18 years old and he says he was pretty green, but he learned a lot just being on the job.

Ken upgraded his ham license to Advanced class in 1969 by taking the test in Charleston. He then passed his Extra Class exam in 1974. All the time he had been licensed as a ham, Kenís call was WB4KUC. In 2002, he decided to try to get the call, K4KR, but it was awarded to someone else and Ken ended up with K4KBR.

In the meantime, Kenís career took him in several interesting and educational directions. He worked for WDOC and WQHY for several years. The Prestonsburg Community college received a federal grant to install a low power radio station and contacted Ken to do that. He ended up doing that and teaching some classes for the college. When the grant was taken away, the college wanted him to stay on, but Ken got a job as a communications technician for KY West Virginia Gas company. He stayed with them for 25 years and says he loved every minute of it.

Ken has been very active in the local ham community. He was a charter member of our own Amateur Radio Club and now on the board of directors for the club. He was trustee of the repeater network here in East Kentucky and a very big influence in getting the network up and running. When he moved to Kingsport, TN, he was trustee of their repeaters. Fortunately for us, he came to his senses and moved back to our area and is again helping maintain and put up new repeaters. Ken is also an ARRL VE and one of the instructors for our Ham Radio classes.

Ken likes to operate VHF and HF ham bands. He works a little of everything and likes getting things so they work just right. Seems like every group of hams or ham club has someone that everyone goes to to get answers and advice. If they want to know how to build something for their station, or they need help repairing a piece of gear, there is usually someone that stands out as the ďgo toĒ guy. Well, Ken is that guy and always provides good guidance with no judgements and no complaints.

So the Paintsville Amateur Radio Community Services club is happy to unanimously vote Ken as Ham of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2017.

And to beat all of this, his wife, Peggy, sure makes some good fried apple pies !!

Ron Grossl - N4RLG
ARCS Secretary

Ken and Ross setting up for 2017 Field Day

More Field Day work. You notice who is doing the manual labor and who is supervising ?

  Ross, Ken, and Jeff (Kenís friend from Tennessee) at Field Day.
Notice Kenís lamp. He must like odd lamps (see later picture)

Ken, Ross and Curt at one of the many repeater sites they help maintain

  How many hams does it take to install a repeater?

Working on Fredís (WA4SWF) repeater, I think.
Looks like another odd clock in the background, but Iím not sure.

Kenís service setup in Tennessee.
Looks like he is ready for just about anything.
Glad to see Iím not the only Star Trek fan in the club.

Kenís truck at a field day in Tennessee. That is some mobile antenna, huh?

This is Kenís operating position in Tennessee.
And take a look at the lamp.
It must have an awfully big bulb in it to need a meter for the power company right on it.