The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award for the second quarter of 2017 is Fred Jones, WA4SWF. Fred has been a ham for a long time and is a fine example of a ham that serves both the ham radio community and the community in which he lives. He has been very active in emergency services, public service, inclimate weather reporting, repeater and repeater linking support, ham club activites and a host of other things.

Some of the positions that Fred holds or has held are, Great Lakes Division Assistant Director, 30 years as Emergency Coordinator for Lawerence County, AEC and OES (Official Emergency Station. He belongs to several ham clubs including our own, KY4ARC, along with Big Sandy ARC, Southern Ohio ARC, Hatfield McCoy ARC, Southeast Repeater Association and QWCA (Quarter Century Wireless Association.

All of this and he still finds time to get on the radio. He enjoys many different aspects of ham radio. He likes operating CW and is a top notch operator. You have to be to work the CW nets that he participates in. Of course he active on the areas repeaters and has helped with the linking of repeaters in East KY. He likes to work DX, digital communications, contests and Special Event stations. Fred has notified me of several Special Events on the bands, especially ones that are on military ships or anything to do with the military.

Fred likes to communicate by means other than the radio also. I know he likes to send emails, (and I appreciate everyone of them Fred), and evidently he likes to send letters to magazines. While perusing the internet, I found quite a few letters that Fred sent to QST. I even found an old letter from 1983 that Fred sent to a computer magazine asking about a VIC-20. (That’s a computer for you younger folks.) Fred also likes to collect old telegraph keys and sounders.

Fred is a good example of a ham operator that is an ambassador for our hobby. He not only tells the general public about ham radio and what it can do, he shows what it can do by his actions. He has helped a great many people during emergency conditions by providing communications and coordination when normal lines of communications were unavailable. I have been searching for pictures of Fred for this article and about half of them sent to me or found on the internet, are pictures of Fred receiving some kind of award. That certainly seems to show that Fred is appreciated recognized for his services by many people (hams and general public). Our club wants Fred to know that we appreciate him and that is why he is receiving the Ham of the Quarter award.

Another AWARD

Well, you get the idea.

Fred likes to help everyone,
but you notice who has the heavy part.

Fred likes to help,
but he don’t have to be happy about it.

I wonder if he is trying to figure how to send
CW with both hands at the same time.

Fred at a repeater site, ready to get to work.
I think this the Phelps Site.

This one is my favorite.
I don’t know when this was taken,
but I guarantee is wasn’t yesterday.

Here is Fred at the April 2016 ACS meeting with
the one who upgraded his license, on Fred's Right;
Three new hams to his mediate left with
their instructor J. D.oaden - AC4JD

Fred at the 145.150-(127.3) repeater site,
resting or holding up the tower!