First Quarter of 2017

The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award for the first quarter of 2017 is Larry “Ross” Leedy. Ross has been a ham since September 2008, when he got his Technician license. He earned his General Class ticket in August 2010 and finally, his Extra Class in 2015.
Ross is a well-rounded ham. He enjoys many different aspects of ham radio. He likes operating the HF bands and likes to work DX. He is always there for our Field Day activities and brings plenty of useful equipment for all of us to use. He is also very interested in VHF and UHF operations. If you take a look at the inside of his truck, you will find enough radios to operate about any band you would want and some of them twice. He has a regular mobile, emergency communications station right in his truck. He likes to keep up with new technology, as evidenced by his two meter Fusion capable radio.

Ross is also a very community service minded ham. He gives freely of his time to help his fellow hams and the general public with his radio skills and equipment. Some of his achievements in this area are:

Member of the Southern Ohio Amateur Radio Association in Ironton, OH, where he has worked the parades for many years.

Treasurer of the Big Sandy ARC in Louisa

Lawerence County Emergency Coordinator for ARES

Set up communications at the Emergency Management Office and installs radio gear in Officials’ Vehicles

On the Board of directors of the ARCS club

Does repair work on all of the District 9 linked Repeater System

Does amateur radio testing in Louisa and Paintsville

Ross is also the Volunteer Examiner liaison for our Paintsville club.He spends a great deal of time traveling to our network of repeaters to work on them. That can be a fairly extensive trip for some of our repeaters. When the building for our Phelps repeater was in bad need of repairs, Ross was the one that brought it to our attention and headed up the repairs to the building.

It is readily apparent that Ross is an important member of our club and to his community. So you can see why this quarter’s award goes to Ross and why he was unanimously approved for it by the members of our club. Thanks to Ross for all that you do

Here is Ross at a Bike Tour, helping with the communications over the bike route.

Of course, communication is not all they do at the Bike Tour.  As you can see in the background, they like to eat, too.

Ross and his wife, Jenny, at Field Day. Looks like the bands  aren't exactly hopping at the moment.

Another Field Day picture. Everyone seems to be puzzled by what’s going on with the computer.

Here, Ross is working on a repeater with the expert help of his grandson, Logan.

Ross and grandson, Logan, at the Hazard hamfest

(The tower is NOT bent. It is hard to take an image via the atmosphere that is hot!)
Here is another thing that Ross is good for. Most of the rest of us, are too chicken.