The recipient of our very first ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award is Curtis Meade, KY4CM. Curt has been in the ham radio hobby for a long time. He received his Novice ticket in 1974. Then upgraded to a Technician class the next year. He progress through General, Advanced and finally Extra class in following years.

Curt has been active in our club here at Paintsville almost from the start. He is our treasurer and has been very active in the club. He is an ARRL Volunteer Examiner and as such has given over 50 exams to new and upgrading hams. He took over the position of liason for the exam team here in Paintsville, in December 2012, when Ken Robinson left the area. Due to a recent illness, he has temporarily handed over this position to Ross Leedy. Curt is involved in ARES and is currently AEC for Johnson County.

Curt has also assisted Ken Robinson in the maintenance of the East KY linked repeater system for quite a few years. When Ken left, Curt and Ross Leedy have taken over the system maintenance. This takes quite a bit of time and knowledge. We should all be grateful to these guys for their hard work.

Curt is an all round kind of ham. He likes to operate HF, 6 meters, 2 meters and 440. He has a well equipped shack with radios for all these bands and antennas that include wire dipoles for the lower bands and a tri-band beam for 20, 15 and 10. Looking in his shack, there seems to be enough equipment for testing anything electronic and enough parts to fix any radio.

Curt has always, if possible, been an active participant in our Field Day activities. He has plenty of equipment to bring to the festivities and enjoys getting on the air.

Which leads us to one of his favorite, (if not the favorite), aspects of ham radio, Hamfests. He and his dear friend, Ken Robinson (K4KBR) have been to most of the area’s hamfests since 1976. They like to go and sell anything they can get hold of. Many hams at these hamfests know Curt and Ken. One guy, (Chuck from London) affectionately named Curt, “Trumpet Man”, because of a trumpet that Curt carried to hamfests for several years. But, as a true hamfester, Curt finally sold the trumpet.

So, with all his accomplishments and willingness to give freely of his time and knowledge, we are honored to bestow this award upon Curt and hope he understands just how much we appreciate him.

Curt at a hamfest doing what he like to do. Looks like he might be praying to sell out his table

Curt’s probably thinking, “If I win the big door prize, I can sell it at the next hamfest! “

Curt at Field Day, doing what he does best, holding down the fort.

No, Curt is not a member of the French Foreign Legion shooting down
enemy planes. He is installing an antenna high in a tree.

There’s always challenges at Field Day.