Our turnout was not what we hoped for but considering the  pandemic we all enjoyed the ones that came.

Everyone there seemed to enjoy themselves.

We gave three exams


Brittany Thacker from Shelbiany passed Technician

James Stiles from Pikeville passed General

Richard Salisbury from Eastern passed Extra


Congratulations to those who got a new license or upgraded



MFJ  30 Amp Power Supply                      WB4RVN  Nathaniel Quisenberry  Nicholasville Ky

Leixen Dual Band Radio                           KN4RDT  James K Sergant   West Liberty  KY

 Baofeng UV-82HK                                  AF4YJ  Wayne Hensley   Baxter  KY

T270M Dual Band Magnetic Mount Ant     AA8H  Dave Moody   South Shore  KY

T270M Dual Band Magnetic Mount Ant     WK4V  Russell Henderson  Leesburg  FL