Second Quarter 2018

The recipient of our ĎHam of the Quarterí award for the second quarter of 2018 is Ron Grossl, N4RLG. In the interest of full disclosure, I am Ron Grossl. I feel strange writing an article about myself, but no one else in the club would volunteer to do so.†

I have been a ham since 1977, when I was licensed as a General Class and had the call sign,† WD4LAZ. I was always interested in science and in particular, electricity. When I was a freshman in high school, I bought a Lafayette shortwave radio kit and built it.† I then started listening to shortwave broadcast stations and sending them reception reports for QSL cards.† It wasnít long before I discovered that ham radio operators were also on shortwave and I very much enjoyed listening to them. I continued shortwave listening to a very large degree for the next ten years, even though I really had no desire to become a ham operator. I just liked listening to them and still today, I do much more listening than talking on the ham bands.† When I was in college, I checked a book out of the library on morse code and started studying it.† I then started listening to the code portion of the ham bands and gradually got so I could copy the code.† So, after ten years of listening and after I was out of college and was working, I decided to try for my ham ticket.† Since I already knew morse code, the only ham that I knew, said I should forget the novice test and go straight for the general, which is what I did.† I stayed at the general class until 1980 when I upgraded to Advanced. I then upgraded to Extra when I joined the Paintsville Ham Club a few years ago.

As far as operating, I like a lot of different aspects of ham radio.† I like CW, SSB, and quite a few of the digital modes. I like working DX, contests and general ragchewing. I spend 95 percent of my operating time on HF.† My latest interest has been working the new mode of FT8 and getting as many Grid Squares as I can.† For some reason, vhf and above never took my fancy very much.† I have found that I do like the new (at least to me), mode of DMR.† It certainly is not a way to collect new countries or work contests, but is an excellent way to meet new hams and have a nice QSO with worrying about noise and fading, and you donít have to worry about the sunspot cycle.††

I have quite a few other interests, but the main two are woodworking and music.† My Granddad was and my Dad are pretty great woodworkers.† Even though they didnít try to teach me how (because I didnít ask), I must have been watching them more than I realized.† I found that I could pick up woodworking fairly easy.† So I spend quite a bit of time in my workshop making whatever comes to mind.† I turn bowls, make boxes and I make furniture.† As far as music goes, I no longer play in bands, but I do record some on my computer.† I have software that allows me to multitrack, so I can produce a whole band on my own.†

As far as family goes, I have a lovely and very supportive wife, along with two sons and their wives.† No grandchildren, just dogs and cats.† I also have a dog named Bob and a cat named Keiko that run our household.† I have not been able to interest any of the above mentioned in ham radio.† Bob likes to listen, though.

As far as my contributions to ham radio, I canít think of much.† I am the secretary for the Paintsville Club and I am a VEC as well.† I have been an Elmer for several hams over the years and will help any hams any way I can. Joining our club a few years ago has renewed my interest in ham radio and I enjoy getting together with a bunch of great guys.† They have helped me in many ways and I hope that I have, in some small way, contributed something back to them.


Now for the part that I hate;† the pictures:

Well, that wire must go around here somewhere.

Maybe, if I push some of these buttons and turn some of these knobs, I can get someone to answer me.

Maybe, if I watch real close, I can figure out how to send code like Fred.

This was my station about a year ago.† It was functional, but a little bit crowded.

So, I decided to build a new desk and I added some new equipment.† This is the way it looks now.

And I rebuilt my other music computer desk.† That blanket under the desk is where Bob, my dog, likes to stay

Bob and I hear some rare DX.† Bobís a real DX hound.

Here is an example of my other hobby, woodworking.† I built this as a bookshelf, but wife appropriated it as a curio cabinet.

This vase is one that I was very pleased with.† It has 1411 pieces of wood in it.† Different kinds of wood are the reason for the different colors.† No paint or stain on any of them.