The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award for the third quarter of 2019 is TJ Hoover, KV4AJ.  TJ

will be our last ‘Ham of the Quarter’, since we voted to go to a ‘Ham of the Year’, beginning in 2020,

 but he certainly isn’t last in being an excellent ham and always being there to help in our club

 activities.  He is our Repeater Trustee and a volunteer examiner for the club.


TJ has been a ham for a long time. He first got interested in ham radio while working CB radio in the

early 70’s.  A friend, Enoch Combs, gave him the novice test in 1973. He then went on to get his Tech

license in Chicago in 1975, General in 1978, advance in 1981. He hit a little snag in 1983 when taking

his Extra class test.  He passed the written but failed the CW portion.  After a few more tries, he passed

 the CW and was granted an Extra class license in 1988.

TJ likes to work quite a few different modes in ham radio.  He of course works SSB on HF and FM on

vhf.  He also works some of the different digital modes on HF.  He works FT8, RTTY, PSK, Hell Schreiber

and Slow Scan TV.  I know that he recently received some pictures from the International Space Station

 via slow scan TV.  I also know that he has really caught the bug of working FT8 and has many contacts

under his belt.  During our recent Field Day outing, he made more contacts than anyone in our group,

using FT8. He also likes to experiment with antennas.


TJ has several radios in his truck and can operate mobile whenever the mood strikes.  He operates on

mountain tops for some of the VHF contests and is well equipped for it.  He has a mount that goes into

 his trailer hitch, that allows him to mount an antenna mast in it for his vhf antennas.  If you are

planning an excursion to the field somewhere, TJ is the man to take along.  He always has supplies that

 we need, but forget about.  He brings wire for power, antennas, radios, tuners and just about anything

 else you need to set up.  And he always has a camping stove and coffee pot, sometimes with bacon and

 eggs to fry for breakfast. 

He likes to attend hamfests, both as a buyer and as a seller.  He usually has some good items to sell. He

 seems to have a good supply of coax and wire and usually sells some of that at hamfests. You will

usually find him at the local and not so local hamfests.


TJ worked in the contstruction business for many years. Seems like he has worked on most of the newer

 roads in eastern Kentucky and some in other states. As a sideline, TJ now fabricates trailers and

garbage bins.


I think one of the things besides ham radio that takes up a good deal of time for TJ is his dog.  His dog

just walked onto his property one day and decided that was the place to be.  TJ nursed him back to

health and cleaned him up and has kept it since.  I’m sure the dog thinks he hit the jackpot.  TJ shows

his picture around like most do their grandkids.  He is a very nice looking dog and is worthy of having

 his picture shown.