Special  Events  Station   April 14,2022   Loretta Lynn birthday

 On April 14,2022 the Amateur Radio Community Service Club of Paintsville Kentucky conducted

their first ever special event station commemorating the 90th birthday of Country Music Star

Loretta Lynn from her birthplace and childhood home in Butcher Hollow in Van Lear Kentucky. To

us mountain folk the word Hollow is pronounced holler. Old folklore says the word holler came

about as a result of mountain folk hollering from one end of the hollow to the other end as a

means of communication. As a club we didn't have to holler to establish communications, we as

hams used our equipment and homebrewed antennas to contact stations in 10 different states and

 also a station in Spain. All stations were powered by a generator furnished by Bill KN4EME and I

might add the generator was not fueled by "white lightning" or moonshine as it is portrayed in the

 movies as a power source for mountain people.

The fuel of excitement and comrade was great as we had ten operators taking their turn at the

radios operating four different stations stations on four different bands for 24 hours. We operated

on the 75, 20, 40 and 2 meter phone portion of the bands using the special event call sign of K4L

which stands for Kentuckians for Loretta

The only damper was a severe rain storm halted operations for several hours along with a cold

front which began around 04:00 hrs utc. By day break we were at the radios again. Also we were

served a great meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, and Paul AK4U's special recipe for fried potatoes

along with plenty of soft drinks. cakes and cookies Paul's girlfriend Donna was a non ham and she

 was a super hostess preparing the meal and as a result of being with us she is now interested in

 studying for a amateur license.



We also had several visitors who visited Ms lynn's home place and stopped by inquiring about what

 we were doing. We took time to explain ham radio to the visitors and it sparked the interest in

most of visitors who stopped by

We would like to thank Mack Lowe at the Webb's Country Store for his assistance, Loretta's family

 for the use of the homeplace and all stations who contacted us during this event. If you contacted

us during this special event send a SASE to :

K4L Special Event

P. O. Box 75

Paintsville,Ky. 41240 USA