Text Box: Ham of the Quarter Award

 Ham of the Quarter Award

Second Quarter 2019

The recipient of our ‘Ham of the Quarter’ award for the second quarter of 2019 is Austin Denyer, W4ALD.

  Austin got his license when he passed both his Technician and General class tests in February of 2015.  He

was issued the call, KM4HWN. He didn’t like the call, so he immediately applied for and received the call,

 W4ALD. That is the call that he still retains today.

If you have talked to Austin, you may have noticed that he doesn’t talk exactly like the rest of us in this

area. That is because he  is was born and raised in merry old England.  He lived there until 2000, when he

 moved to the United States. I think he has been here long enough to where he is losing a little of the

British accent and picking up some hillbilly talk.

Austin says that in the early nineties, there was no such thing as free local telephone calls.  Any and all

communications, be it a BBS or the internet, incurred a significant cost for every minute he was connected.

 He learned of packet radio on the ham bands and was interested in getting connected that way. However,

the requirement to learn Morse code was a stumbling block, as it was still required for a ham ticket at that

time. After he got to the states and the CW requirement was done away with, Austin again became

interested in getting a ticket. He took the tests in 2015 and passed both the Technician and General on the

 same day.

Austin has several dual-band moble rigs, some Baofengs and an MD-390 UHF for DMR. For HF, he has an

Alinco DX-70, though it currently has a faulty multi-function switch, which prevents it from changing bands.

 He also has a Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2 scanner with a GPS attachment.

Austin is our current club treasurer and does a very good job at it. He states on his QRZ page that he was

strong-armed into the position. Of course, we would never do such a thing as that. We just railroad our

officers into the desired postion. (I know this from personal experience.) Seriously, Austin keeps our funds

records very well and gives a report each meeting that includes what we have paid out and why, how much

 we have taken in, and the total, to the penny, of how much we have.

Austin has other interests, of course. He is deeply into computers. He runs Linux on all his computers and

wants to get into using the computer along with his radio gear. Shouldn’t be a problem for him, since his

day job is in computer security. He also likes firearms and is a state certified firearms instructor.

Photography is another interest, when he has the time. And he is a proud family man with a wife, 3 sons,

 and two grand daughters.  He is also a cat owner and states that he is owned and controlled by his cat.

So, we offer our congratulations and thanks to Austin Denyer for being our Ham of the Quarter.